The Art Factory is a starter kit repository to get started with building your own NFT projects on Aleo using the Leo Wallet. The goal of this project is to make it as easy as possible for developers as well as non-technical community members to spin up their own NFT projects .

It is the first fully featured DApp on Aleo. Everything is permissionless and trustless. All private keys are managed within the Leo Wallet and all operations are enforced through the on-chain program.

This work is very early and should be considered experimental.

The Art Factory contains:

  • Leo NFT program. This will be deployed on Aleo directly and is used as the basis for functionality within the DApp.

  • A React-Typescript-NextJS application containing:

    • A user facing mint page

    • An admin panel that enables someone to:

      • Deploy the NFT program

      • Create NFTs

      • Manage a Whitelist

      • Enable/Disable minting

    • First party integration with the Leo Wallet

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