Quick Start

  1. Fork the repository and clone it locally. The default branch is v3 of the NFT program.

git clone https://github.com/your_username/art-factory && cd art-factory
  1. (Optional) If you'd like to deploy a different version of the NFT program, checkout that version's branch and proceed with the steps below. E.g. if you'd like to launch the private mint version of the NFT contract:

git checkout v4
  1. Edit the ./.env file


The address should be the address of the account who will be the admin for the NFT program. This address should deploy the program and will be responsible for controlling the whitelist and adding NFTs to the collection.

  1. Configure the Aleo program

You need to install yarn and then run:

yarn && yarn copy-program

This will rename the program and ensure that only your provided address in the .env is allowed to manage the program once it's published on chain.

  1. Commit & Push the Repository

git add . && git commit -m "My awesome NFT collection" && git push origin main
  1. Connect to Vercel & Your site should be live

You'll need to create an account with Vercel & Follow the instructions here: https://vercel.com/docs/concepts/deployments/git/vercel-for-github

It should all be able to be done without writing any code.

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