The first step is to deploy the program. You can reach this page by navigating to http://localhost:3000/deploy when running the development environment.

  1. The program code is viewable (but not editable) in form. Carefully review the program code to ensure all changes are as you expect them.

  2. Connect your wallet and then click the "Submit" Button. This will automatically request a deployment transaction from the Leo Wallet. Once you accept, the wallet will begin immediately to deploy the program. Please note that deploying this program will take at least several minutes.

  3. If the transaction fails, ensure that the fee was set high enough, that you have enough credits to cover the fee, and that the program is formatted correctly. If your input unique nft program id or address are incorrect, the program will fail.

Once the transaction is finalized, you will be able to refresh the page and see that the contract has been deployed.

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